My daughter Aimee bought me XM Satellite radio for Xmas and
I had it installed yesterday. Since I have a fair collection of CD's
and the radio in the Mustang can program up to 12 channels, I made the
Comedy Channel the first preset on the sat radio.  I was on my way to
Starbucks this morning and the first performer up on the comedy station
was Dennis Blair (that would be you) who I had not yet heard of. Anyway,
before long I was laughing out loud (which really looks strange to
other motorists, especially if I'm alone). The material was hysterical and
the first thing I'm going to do once I send this email is to check out
the store and see what's available in CD.  Thanks for the laughs!

Hey, just saw you last night in Detroit, MI opening for
George Carlin. Man you have some funny material. I love how you don't hold
back and tell it like it is. You must get along well with George. I
also love the musical bits. Nice acoustic, electric by the way. You def
can play. I could not figure out the one beginning to a classic rock song
you played. It was the one you played where you didn't sing anything
and got really fast on the guitar(If you could tell me the name, I can
stop searching all over trying to figure it out :-) Anyway you have great
material and I am looking around for your CD/DVD's cause I def. want to
pick some up. Hope to see you in Detroit, MI again soon.


Heard you on XM this AM and I think you are very funny,

I saw u at the George Carlin show in rockford. your

I heard you on the xm comedy channel and was actually
laughing out loud, while driving down the road.  I love your lyrics and your
quick wit.

Saw you last night in Boston.  You are a genius!  You have
the funniest jokes I've heard in a long time.  Love the song "bytes". We
are now going to buy tickets to see you again in April at the Calvin.  
Thanks so much for a good night of laughs.  
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