It wouldn’t be fair to call him an impressionist, because he’s more than that.  He’s a parodist
and a satirist and a singer and…well, there’s no word to describe him.  He’s sort of a
mixture of George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Robert Klein and Charlie Callas, with a little National
Lampoon thrown in.
    -Randolph Hogan, New York Times

Anyone who attended George Carlin’s Dec. 11 performance at a sold-out Centennial Hall is
already aware of that show’s very impressive opening act.  For everybody else:  Meet
Dennis Blair, a gifted guitarist/impressionist/comedian who’ll again be the “special guest” for
Carlin’s return visit to London at the John Labatt Center tonight.
    -Noel Gallagher, London Free Press

Before Carlin took the stage, comedian Dennis Blair did an admirable job warming up the
crowd, who laughed throughout his roughly 30-minute performance. Ribbing orange alerts,
France, pilots who drink and smoke pot, and cops who ride bicycles, Blair was thoroughly
     -Roger Mahon, The Collegian, Penn State University

Carlin's set was opened by Dennis Blair, a solid young comic who consistently scored with
mainstream material -- TV shows, Rosie O'Donnell's gayness, cell phones, car names
and the like. Noting how conscious of the cameras the police are on the TV show "Cops,"
Blair reenacted an arrest: "Freeze! Up against the wall, you b . . . bad person!" It's clear
why he is Carlin's opener. Blair's vocal mannerisms, if not always his material, call to mind
nothing so much as a young George Carlin.
    -Paul Farhi, Washington Post

Opening Act Dennis Blair got the evening off to a raucous start with 30 minutes of his
trademark musical parody (think “Weird Al Yankovic”, only raunchier).  Armed with an
acoustic guitar, Mr. Blair rewrote the lyrics to classics by Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young and
Paul Simon, while accompanying each with near-dead-on impersonations.One of the
highlights of Mr. Blair’s set was an exchange between him and a heckler in the balcony.  Mr.
Blair was game in handling the unexpected yet hilarious situation.
    -Josh McAuliffe, Scranton Times

"It was opening act Dennis Blair that had the political edge," said Ashleman referring to the
comic who was discovered by Rodney Dangerfield and performs in Vegas on a regular
basis. Blair headlined the Riviera Hotel's Comedy Club in August. Blair did the Gore and Bush
jokes. "That really got a wild response from the crowd," continued Ashleman. "They loved
that “. He did about 45 minutes, which was a little bit of stand up and then he takes rock and
roll songs and does dirty lyric parodies. The audience knew him and called out for
him to do his parodies of Lynard Skynard's Freebird and Bruce Springsteen Born In the USA."
    - Laura Deni, “Broadway to Vegas”

The Opening act was a guy named Dennis Blair. He really did a nice job of warming up the
crowd for Carlin. He spoofed songs from Bruce Springsteen to Nirvana. An audience
member suggested he play some Metallica, and he says "Yes, because heavy metal sounds
so great on a folk guitar." Then he tries to play a metal riff on the guitar. Funny stuff.
   -The Iowa Entertainer         

“One clever thing after another…He’s very funny, for a gentile”.
     -  Jackie Mason

“If life is fair, he should make it big”.  
     -  Rodney Dangerfield

Dennis Blair - The funniest guy EVER. And I am proud to be the only living person on this
page to say so.  
     - Elayne Boosler

“He has a great, crooked sense of humor”.  
     -  Joan Rivers

“He can do so much; standup, song parodies, everything.”  
     -  George Carlin

“Everything he does, he stole from me.  Rat bastard.”
     -  Dennis Blair
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